Outreach at Wedgwood Elementary School

We were delighted to be invited back to Wedgwood Elementary School for another great outreach event this spring. Every year in May, Wedgwood holds their science fair where the kids present their experiments, and outside vendors come in to share their passion for science. The highlight of the evening was definitely the egg drop test. Kids tried to protect their eggs, using all sorts of different strategies, so that they wouldn't break when dropped off the top of a fire truck ladder. It was great to see our Seattle fire department contributing towards a fun STEM evening!

SoundBio hosted an expanded pipetting station as a way for kids to learn a core lab skill, starting with the transfer of water from petri dish to petri dish. They then moved on to small PCR tubes, practicing careful liquid handling while fine tuning their hand motor skills. Once they got the hang of it, they hand a chance to create a colorful microtube necklace. It was a great event and we had mobs of kids.