What will you discover?

You can dissect a heart, create billions of DNA molecules in a test tube or a find new life down the eyepiece of a microscope. The first step is to attend a SoundBio workshop or enroll in a course. Events are advertised through our Newsletter. Tickets can be purchased at our online store and members receive a 15% discount on all workshops and courses so it’s well worth becoming a member today.

Our workshops AND COURSES


HANDS-oN LAB tours

Never actually seen or visited a working BSL-1 molecular biology laboratory? Then this is your place to take a tour & get your hands dirty with a few practical activities! A great introductory activity for kids aged 12+ or curious adults.



We have several workshops for folks interested in the creative side of science! Join us as we discuss science & art while making algae water balloons or painting with bacteria.

Molecular biology skills

Cut DNA with molecular scissors (restriction enzymes). Turn one DNA molecule into billions inside a tiny tube (PCR). Use electricity and porous gels to separate DNA molecules by size (electrophoresis). Get DNA into and out of bacterial cells (E. coli skills).



Human life is endlessly intertwined with the lives of plants, animals and microbes that exist in our environment. Join us on our relaxing walking tours of Seattle parks and neighbourhoods to learn about their natural history.

Laboratory automation

Help us debut our wonderful new liquid handler - a robot that offers unparalleled precision and throughput! We’ll also discuss the impact of automation and robots in the lab. Suitable for beginners/non-programmers.



Build your own portable microscope, learn about staining techniques or discover techniques in digitally processing microscopy images.

Dissection workshops

Learn about anatomy and develop your dissection skills. Dissect sheep hearts, sharks (small in size) or owl pellets.

Science lectures and discussion groups

We run two regular series at Ada’s technical books: Plant talks and Topics in Synthetic Biology.


Office away day? Birthday party (ages 12 and up)? Enjoy private learning?

We’ve got you covered. We can run any of our standard workshops for private groups starting at $120 for a 90 minute hands-on workshop up to 8 people. We can even develop unique experiences based on your interests and budget.

Contact workshops@sound.bio to get started.