SoundBio Workshops!

Interested in what SoundBio offers? Here is a list of workshops we keep on the back-burner. If you see a particular workshop you like but don't see if on our calendar feel free to contact and request we put it together. 


Painting with bacteria

Using safe E.coli transformed to express fluorescent colors, participants will make their own living art. Much like painting with invisible ink, the challenge of drawing on petri dishes with bacteria is half the fun! After 24 hours the bacteria will have multiplied to show your masterpiece.



Candy Electrophoresis

Learn about the dyes found in the candy we love using electrophoresis, a process for separating molecules utilizing an electric current.




Improve your basic techniques through continued application. This workshop will cover wet lab skills like micropipetting, gel electrophoresis and PCR to find a gene common to most GMOs, CaMV35 or Cauliflower mosaic virus promoter 35S. Bring in your own sample (SunChips, organic corn, etc.) and test to see if they have been genetically modified using CaMV35.


Lab Skills series

Check out our lab skills series to learn basic techniques to make your DIY lab projects a success!

  • Micropipetting and liquid handling
  • Growing bacteria - finding a sterile place in a microbe-filled environment


 Meristem cross-section

Meristem cross-section


Looking at the world up-close is always fun. In this workshop, participants will build their own DIY smart phone microscopes. Using an open source design, participants will get all the materials they need to assemble a smart phone microscope. Together you'll learn how to dye onion cells and mount them on slides. You'll also learn about some cool 3D Printer designs for smartphone microscope clips.