New Workshops for 2019

SoundBio Lab is excited to announce an entire suite of new workshops for 2019!

Here’s a snapshot of what’s to come…


Designed for beginners, this 1 hour lab tour will introduce you to some basic equipment & how to use it safely. You also get to play around with a few simple items such as pipets, microscopes and centrifuges. Several dates and times are offered, starting in late January. Join us!



Back by popular demand! Designed for curious beginners, Dr. de Lange will walk you through some basic laboratory skills so you can safely and confidently get your feet wet. It’s the best way to start if you’ve never worked in a lab. 2 series will be offered in Feb, and 1 in March.


For those already familiar with pipetting and lab safety, this workshop introduces participants to genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and the polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Using PCR, you’ll detect DNA that has been introduced into plants, examining this inside an agarose gel under UV light. We’ll also discuss the controversy surrounding GMOs in the food supply. This 3.5 hour workshop will be offered at 3 different time slots in mid to late March.


Dr. Orlando de Lange is part of the  Klavin’s lab at UW , and is an active member of SoundBio Lab.

Dr. Orlando de Lange is part of the Klavin’s lab at UW, and is an active member of SoundBio Lab.

Remember, if you are a SoundBio member, you get a significant discount on Workshops. Member and non-Member pricing is listed on the Workshop page which will be updated regularly.

Given that space is limited, we kindly request that all participants RSVP ahead of time. This allows our workshop leader, Dr. Orlando de Lange to prepare. If you haven’t met Orlando yet, please introduce yourself! He’s busy leading our TOP project, so is oftentimes found at SoundBio Lab.