Outreach at Olympic Hills

SoundBio Lab had a wonderful evening with Olympic Hills Elementary School last Thursday, March 15th, 2018. Olympic Hills is a K-5 elementary school in NE Seattle and is part of the Seattle Public School system. With over 400 kids attending the school, science night was busy! We hosted 2 separate hands-on activities for the kids.

Our first station was a light microscope where we taught the kids how to make their own slides, and then adjust the scope to look at their sample. Common household items like onions, lettuce, salt and pepper were used as our ‘specimens’.  This DIY method is fast, easy and simple to do at home too.  The kids cut out small holes in card stock and then taped their samples into the holes. Once they created their slide, they labeled them, and then worked with our volunteers to focus on the sample. It was a big hit and was the first time some of the smaller kids had a chance to look through a real light microscope.

Sound Bio’s outreach team was, once again, a great addition to our school’s science fair! The students LOVED using pipettes to make colorful pendants for their necklaces and studying different materials under the microscope. Thank you!!!!
— Mona Oster

Our second table is one of our most popular activities for K-5 aged children. We use plastic pipets and taught the children how to collect colored liquid (without spilling!), and how to carefully put it into microcentrifuge tubes. After filling up their tube with brightly colored water, they clipped them onto a string of yarn to create their very own science necklace. All in all, the kids and volunteers had a lot of fun celebrating science. Thank you Olympic Hills Elementary School!