SoundBio References, Catalogs & Links

This page includes a summarized list of helpful links to our documentation, software systems, and platforms used by SoundBio Lab.

Table of Contents

  • Helpful Links
    • MeetUp
    • Slack
    • Lab Calendar
  • Documentation & Forms
    • Docusign E-forms
    • Project Proposal Form
    • Supply Submission Form
  • Software Systems
    • Calendar
    • On-Site Meeting
    • Membership Payment
    • Aquarium (Sample and Task Management System)
  • Lab Ordering + Inventory
    • Quartzy
    • Consumables
    • Other services
  • Price Catalogues
    • Add-On
    • Consumables
    • Chemicals

  • MeetUp - Website we use to schedule workshops or other social events in the Lab.

    • For everyone interested. You will need to create a MeetUp account.
  • Slack - App we primarily use for communication.

    • For everyone interested. You will need an invite from SoundBio to join.
    • Request to join: CLICK HERE.
  • Lab Calendar - The lab calendar lists any public or private events that may considerably take up space in the lab. We encourage you to check this calendar if you would like to come into the lab to work. For privacy reasons, the event details are hidden to all but the Board.

    • Researchers and Leads will automatically get access to the "SoundBio - Lab" calendar. You will be receiving an automated email stating that the calendar has been shared with you. We recommend you to add it to your google calendar for easy access. To request access or have issues, please email
    • If you would like to add in a time to the Lab calendar, please email

Documentation & Forms

We store all information in digital format via DocuSign (legal documents), and Google Drive.

DocuSign E-Forms:

  • Membership & Code of Conduct Agreement – Detailed guide of rules/lab policies. Posted here for reference.
  • Liability & Safety Waiver – Detailed review of safety requirements & expectations. Posted here for reference.
  • Cleaning Policy – Agreement to follow our cleaning policy which is posted here for reference.
    • Everyone must sign this - Members, Volunteers, Workshop attendees. No exceptions.
  • Safety Certification - Proof that you completed our safety training - signed on-site after training session, immediately after training is complete. Please make sure you connect with our lab manager to do this.

Project Proposal Form – Request to start a new project in the lab.
SoundBio Supply Submission Form – If you want to bring in any of the following, we ask that you fill out this form:

  • Equipment
  • Outside organisms
  • Environmental samples
  • Something else that was not on your initial project proposal

Software systems

Check our Google Calendars. Here is a link to our SoundBio Public Calendar (iCal Link). This calendar is also on the SoundBio Events Page. The Open Lab Hours are when our Lab Manager should be in the lab.

  • Researcher + Lead members: You should also have been invited to the SoundBio Lab Calendar.
    • This is a calendar that shows when there are events in the lab that will take up a significant amount of space. Event details are hidden for privacy purposes.

Sign up for an on-site Meeting. This could be for questions, concerns, safety training or any other reason you might want to meet with a SoundBio staff member.

Sign up for monthly Payment or make Payment Change. We use the payment system Recurly to manage membership and other fees. Depending on your membership type, you may be eligible for additional storage options outlined in the Membership & Code of Conduct Document.

Use the Aquarium laboratory management System Aquarium was developed by the Klavins lab at the University of Washington. To access the SoundBio Aquarium database follow this link. Email Orlando de Lange ( if you would like to be set up with a user account.

Lab Ordering and Inventory

Ordering + Inventory of Lab Supplies:
We use a procurement + inventory system called Quartzy.

  • For Researcher + Leads only.
  • Quartzy is used for almost all purchases and inventory tracking of supplies in the lab.
  • If you are storing items outside of your private storage boxes, they must be recorded in Quartzy.
  • We highly encourage purchasing your supplies via our Quartzy lab account. We get reduced pricing on several items, and Quartzy will take care of shipping + contacting manufacturers.

Being revamped: Here is the Quartzy Excel file for uploading inventory in bulk. Our Lab Manager will need to create a Quartzy account for you first, however.

Consumables + Chemicals:
We provide a growing list of consumables in our stockroom that you can purchase for use. You can also take advantage of being able to purchase a small quantity from us at reasonable prices. Please let the Lab Manager know if you are interested in a purchase.

  • These single-time purchase reimbursements are made monthly through Stripe. These items are still logged in inventory with Quartzy.

If you want to order:

we have special pricing with these companies! Contact the lab manager for more details at

  • For example, custom oligos on IDT are priced at $0.18/bp instead of $0.38/bp.

Price Catalogues

Note: All consumable purchases from the lab are subject to a 5% administration fee.

Add-On Pricing:

In-lab Consumables Pricing (Click this link to open in new window):

  • Contact if you want to inquire about any item without a price.

Chemicals Pricing (Click this link to open in new window):

  • Contact if you want to inquire about any item without a price.