Useful Links & References

This page includes a list of helpful links to our documentation and other software systems used by SoundBio Lab. Some of these items are for members only, some for volunteers, some for staff - as indicated next to each item. We store all information in digital format via DocuSign (legal documents), and Google Drive.

Documentation & FOrms

  1. Membership & Code of Conduct Agreement– Detailed guide of rules/lab policies.

    • For members only.

  2. Liability & Safety Waiver – Detailed review of safety requirements & expectations.

    • Everyone must sign this - Members, Volunteers, Workshop attendees. No exceptions.

  3. Cleaning Policy – Agreement to follow our cleaning policy which is posted here for reference.

    • For members and volunteers that work in the SoundBio lab space.

  4. Safety Certification - Proof that you completed our safety training - typically signed on-site immediately after training session. On-site signing only, immediately after training is complete.

    • For members and volunteers that work in the SoundBio lab space.

  5.  Project Proposal Form  - Request to start a new project in the lab. 

    • For new or existing members who want to start something new. 

  6. Personal Lab Supplies FORM.  For any member who wants to bring in 1) equipment 2) outside organisms 3) environmental samples, or 4) something else that may pose a risk to others that was NOT on your initial project proposal or is NOT being purchased through SoundBio's Quartzy account, we ask that you fill out this form.

    • For Members only.

    • Here is the Quartzy Excel file for uploading inventory in bulk. Our Lab Manager will need to create a Quartzy account for you first, however.  

Software systems 

  1. Check our Google Calendars. Here is a link to our Google Public Calendar. Here is the iCal link if you use a different calendaring system.

  2. Sign up for an on-site Meeting. This could be for questions, concerns, safety training or any other reason you might want to meet with a SoundBio staff member.

  3. Sign up for Payment or make Payment Change. We use the payment system Recurly to manage membership and other fees. Depending on your membership type, you may be eligible for additional storage options outlined in the Membership & Code of Conduct Document.  

  4. Ordering Lab Supplies. We use the supply system called Quartzy. This holds inventory (anything brought into the lab, or ordered), and also handles requests for ordering items. We also order some items through Amazon.

    • For Members only. Please ask the lab manager to set up your account. 


  1. MeetUp - Software we use to schedule workshops or other social events in the Lab.

    • For everyone interested. You will need to create a MeetUp account.

  2. Slack - Software we use for communication.

    • For everyone interested. You will need an invite from SoundBio to join.

  3. Teamwork - Software we use to manage tasks. Used by staff only.

  4. Xero - Software accounting system. Used by staff only.