The educators of SoundBio bring their passion and knowledge about a particular subject and work with our team to build and design a hands-on workshop. We are looking for individuals to translate their expertise into a fun and interesting learning experience. Workshops are typically last 2-3 hours with less than 12 students. This is a great opportunity to spread an idea to your community and practice your science communication skills. Contact us to become a SoundBio Educator!


Community Outreach

Community Outreach Volunteers will seek out community centers, primary and secondary schools, clubs and other organizations that might be interested in hosting or attending workshops developed and run by our educators and scientists. These individuals will work closely with our Director of Outreach to extend our reach. Much of this work will require initiating conversations and spreading interest in DIY science and SoundBio Lab.


Social media

The Social Media Volunteer plays a vital role in SoundBio outreach and marketing. This volunteer will assist in supporting our mission by marketing our projects and programs, and keep up to date with what is going on in the DIY biology and biotech communities. This position will be responsible for writing and editing content for SoundBio social media and web-based marketing platforms. In order to expand our outreach and online presence, we encourage this volunteer to develop our social media as needed. The ideal candidate will have good composition and communication skills, and will work closely with our digital media guru.


web design

Have experience writing content for websites? We are looking for a web designer to help develop this site. Currently edited by our admin team with various levels of experience, this website could use a dedicated editor. Contact us and tell us how you would improve it! 



SoundBio needs interns! These helpful volunteers will work to deliver workshops and activities with other SoundBio educators and volunteers. The SoundBio Intern will be required to meet at least once before an event to be trained on specific content. This is a great opportunity to obtain volunteer hours, develop your science communication skills, and gain classroom experience.


Contact for more information or to ask how you can help!