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COURSE: Zero to Genetic Engineering Hero. 8 weeks, Tuesday evenings

Learn what it takes to become a citizen genetic engineer with a hands on 8 week course. At weekly sessions you'll play with bacteria, make glowing proteins and extract DNA. Suitable for total beginners, aged 12 and up. Sessions will be every Tuesday evening from 30th April to 18th June, lasting 2-3 hours. Bring something to eat with you. Expert Instructor Regina Wu will guide you the whole way. Questions? Ask Regina ( The fee includes the course book 'Zero to Genetic Engineering Hero: The beginner's guide to programming bacteria at home, in the classroom, and in the makerspace'.

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Week 1: Intro to Genetic Engineer / Lab Safety and Overview

Week 2: Strawberry DNA extraction

Week 3: Basic Lab Techniques (Micropipetting, Sterile Technique, and Practice Pouring Plates)

Week 4: Pouring Plates and Painting with Bacteria

Week 5: Transformation Background/ Prep (Intro to plasmids)

Week 6: Transformation Day

Week 7: Growing Liquid Culture

Week 8: Protein Extraction