Lab Equipment

Below is a selection of the various peices of equipment that are available for member use:


Flow Hood

Our flow hood is an ideal apparatus for aseptic work. It has UV sterilization lights and flows filtered air through the chamber constantly to minimize contamination. It is ideal for bacterial work, fungi/mushroom culturing, and plant tissue culture. This is not a bio-safety cabinet suitable for BSL-2 work or for mammalian tissue culture. 


PCR machines

We have two PCR machines. Our primary machine (pictured) is capable of gradient temperatures in addition to all standard PCR operations. 



qPCR Machine

We have one qPCR macine, the Chai Open qPCR. We have not used it much yet but it was purchased brand new through their kickstarter!


This tabletop autoclave is useful for sterilizing equipment and media. It has a capacity of up to 3 L of liquid media in one run. This instrument requires additional training to operate, or, one of our support members would be happy to run your load for you. 




We have several centrifuges for several types of tubes. Pictured here is our primary centrifuge, which holds 1.5mL eppendorf tubes. This centrifuge can reach speeds up to 20,800x g (14000 rpm) and has built in refrigeration for operating at temperatures 0C to room temp. 

Gel Electrophoresis

We have a variety of different gel electrophoresis rigs depending on the number of samples you wish to run at once. We have several types of wells for each as well as multiple power supplies for when several people are running gels at once. We also have a UV light system and blue light system for imagine DNA bands.  



pH Probe

We have two types of pH measuring instruments. These will require quick additional training to use but are very easy to operate. They are highly accurate and we have all the necesary buffers for recalibration to keep them in top shape. 



This electroporator is useful for transforming electrocompetent cells. We have plenty of electroporation cuvettes as well as the protocols and buffers for making electrocompetent E. coli



Nanodrop 2000c

The NanoDrop 2000c can measure DNA, RNA, and protein concentration and purity using only 1uL of sample. This model also has a cuvette option for samples up to 1mL. 

Water Baths

We several water baths that can be set to your desired temperature.




We have 4 incubators. Two are kept at constant temperatures (30C and 37C), while the other two can be used temporarily at any temperature needed. 


NEW -80 Freezer!

We have just set up this wonderful new -80 freezer!

Interested in storing your cell lines with us? We have space for over 200 tubes with a capacity for over 1200. You can store a single vial, or a box, depending on your needs.

Email us at info (at) to learn more about our different -80 storage options.