Elementary Science Activities!

Interested in bringing science to your school? Contact info@sound.bio about your science night or education event. Our mission is to bring hands-on science to students of all ages in the Puget Sound region!

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Learn to micropipet

Micropipetting is an important lab skill used to measure and transport liquids. Through science nights and tabling events, Soundbio is teaching the next generation of junior scientists. If you’re interested in a more tailored experience, we also offer an authentic, hands-on workshop for grades 3rd and up. Contact us at info (at) sound.bio to learn more.


Fruit DNA Extraction

What does DNA look like? Where do we find it? What does it do? Extracting DNA from the cell allows us to learn more about living things. In this activity, young scientists extract DNA from strawberries, blueberries, and other fruits.


Microscopy - the world up close!

Microscopes can reveal a whole new world! Our junior scientists have the opportunity to observe the natural world through magnification. They can view objects like the tiny structures that make up an onion cell, differentiate between salt and sugar crystals, or watch the activity of living microorganisms found in pond water.  

SoundBio would like to thank our grant sponsor, the National Science Foundation, for funding many of our Junior Workshop Events and science activities.